Shoulder Mounts

Whitetail Deer (Buck): $600

Whitetail Deer (Doe): $600

Deer Pedestal: $750

Mule Deer: $600

Black Bear: $625

1/2 or 3/4 Black Bear: $900+

Grizzly: $700

Brown Bear: $700

Elk: $1,200

Antelope: $600

Boar (Open-Mouth): $750

Caribou: $1,200

Bison: $1,600

Blacktail: $600

Moose: $2,000

Mountain Goat: $650

Mountain Lion: $750

Musk Ox: $1,650

Dall Sheep: $650

Desert Sheep: $650

Stone Sheep: $650

Big Horn: $650

Life Size Mounts

Squirrel: $250

Rabbit: Call for Pricing

Fox: $675

Coyote: $750

Bobcat: $675

Raccoon: $675

Bear: $1,000+

Badger: $775

Fisher: $675

Mink: $350

Weasel: $350

Wolf: $2,000

Wolverine: $850

**Call about all life size large game

Pedestal Mounts

Fox: $400

Coyote: $400

Bobcat: $400

Raccoon: $400


**Prices above do not include base.  A base will be extra.


Turkey: $650

Turkey Breast Mount: $450

Turkey Fan: $175

Pheasant: $300

Grouse: $300

Ducks: $300

Geese: $500


Bear: $300 per linear foot

Fox: $675

Raccoon: $675

Coyote: $750

Bobcat: $675

***Pricing includes padding, backing and two layers of colored felt border. 


Deer: $150

Antelope: $150

Elk: $250

Caribou: $250

Moose: $275

***Pricing includes oak or walnut plaque

Trapper's Tan

Racoon: $150

Fox: $150

Coyote: $200

**For anything else, call for pricing

European Mounts 

Deer: $160

Elk: $300

Moose: $300

Bison: $325

Long Horn: $325

Antelope: $160

Bear: $175

Fox/Coyote/Bobcat/Raccoon: $125

**All skulls are beetle cleaned


Replica up to 50 inches: $25 per inch

Skin Mount: $17 per inch

***$250 minimum charge for all fish mounts.  Pricing includes a piece of natural driftwood.  Special driftwood, two-sided fish or other custom work will be an additional charge.

50% deposit is required at the time of drop off/order.  Remaining payment due at the time of pick-up.

There will be an extra $150 charge for any open mouth.  Velvet horned animals are extra.  Call about all African or exotic game.

All prices above are minimum and include your basic mount.  These prices do not reflect PA sales tax.  Special/custom orders will be an additional charge (example: habitats).  Please call for pricing information.  

In the event a hide is damaged or lost during the tanning or shipping process, I'd Mount That will not be held liable.

Any finished mount not picked up within 30 days of being notified will incur additional storage fees.

If you do not see the species/mount you are looking for, please call to inquire.